terms & conditions

Tournament Terms & Conditions

  1. Membership
    1. You must be a member of the club to be able to enter a club tournament.
    2. The only exception is if you belong to another padel club. In this case you will be given temporary Tournament Membership, which will be valid for the duration of the tournament. The Tournament Membership fee is included in the tournament fee.

  2. Club ratings
    1. Club ratings are used to ensure players/teams are entered into the correct categories in the tournaments. The same club ratings are also used in the Join-a-Game bookings and membership of the different level WhatsApp™ groups.
    2. Players joining the tournament as a temporary Tournament Member will be given a club rating.
    3. Note that club ratings are not the same as Sunpad ratings.

  3. Club ratings determine tournament category
    1. The tournament category in which the players/teams will compete in the tournament is determined by the addition of each player’s club rating. For example, a Mens team where player 1 has a rating of 2.90 and player 2 has a rating of 2.50, a combined rating of 5.40, will compete in Mens Category 3.
    2. The ratings are a guide to make the competition within each category fair.
    3. Similarly, in the interest of fairness, NCBPC Management can use its discretion to accept or deny a team entry to a category.
    4. See the boundaries of each tournament category below.

  4. Querying your allotted category
    1. Club ratings are awarded to members based on their performance in the club ladder and club tournaments. However, if any player/team feels their club rating does not reflect their current playing standard they can raise the matter with NCBPC management.
    2. After due consideration, the subsequent decision of NCBPC management will be final.

Tournament Category Boundaries

Cat 3combined maximum rating5.80
Cat 2combined maximum rating7.00
Cat 1bcombined maximum rating8.20
Cat 1combined minimum rating8.30
Cat 3combined maximum rating5.00
Cat 2combined maximum rating6.00
Cat 1bcombined maximum rating7.00
Cat 1combined minimum rating7.10
Cat 4combined maximum rating4.30
Cat 3combined maximum rating5.40
Cat 2bcombined maximum rating6.00
Cat 2combined maximum rating6.50
Cat 1bcombined maximum rating7.40
Cat 1combined minimum rating7.50