league rules

League Rules

  1. The Spring League will take place from the 1st March 2023 until the 30th June 2023.
  2. There are three leagues: Men, Ladies and Mixed. The league will be divided into categories (Men 2A, Men 3, Ladies 2A, Ladies 2B & 3 combined, Mixed 2 and Mixed 3) and each category will consist of 8 – 12 teams.
  3. Teams entering the Leagues will be assessed on their playing ability and NCBPC ratings and will be placed within the appropriate category.
  4. Players may enter both applicable leagues if they wish e.g. Mens and Mixed or Ladies and Mixed.
  5. Matches will be the best of 3 sets, 2 full sets with a tie break and a super tiebreak as a deciding set, if required.
  6. The ‘Golden Point’ must be used at deuce (40:40) throughout the match.
  7. The points system is based upon +1 point for each set won and a point for winning the match. There are 3 points available for each match played. If a super tiebreak is required, this does not count as a set – it merely determines the winner of the match. If a super tiebreak is played, the winners would be awarded 2 points and the losers would be awarded 1 point.
  8. All teams play once against each of the other teams within their category.
  9. In the event of teams on equal points at the end of the league, the team that has won most games will get the highest ranking. If still tied, then the results of their head-to-head match will determine the winner.
  10. Prizes will be awarded to winners and runners-up of each category at the end of the league.

Match Play

  1. All matches will be scheduled by the club and courts will be booked for the games by the club.  If a team cannot play on the scheduled date, the teams can agree on a new date +/- 2 weeks from the planned date. Each team is permitted to change a match date once only.  If a new date cannot be agreed between the two teams, the League Admin will arrange the match within the last 3 weeks of the League. The date decided by the League Admin must be used. If a team cannot play at the given time, they will lose the game with the score 6-0, 6-0.
  2. Matches MUST only be played at Cumbre Padel Courts.
  3. A new set of balls or an agreed set should be used for each match. Players should share the cost of balls.
  4. If a team cannot complete a match due to injury, the opposing team will be deemed as winners of the match.  Games played by the injured team will be included if the match was abandoned part way through. For example:
    1. a match that is abandoned at 6-4, 5-1 (the injured team had won the first set and were ahead in the second).  The match would be awarded to the non-injured team with a score of 4-6, 7-5, 10-0 (STB).  The injured team would still receive 1 point for the first set and the winning team would receive 2 points.
    2. a match is abandoned before the first game has been completed.  The game will be awarded to the non-injured team with a score of 6-0, 6-0 and they will receive 2 points.  The injured team will not receive any points.
  1. If a team withdraw from the League, it will lose all games played and not played with the score 6-0, 6-0.
  2. If a match must be cancelled due to bad weather the teams have two weeks to re-schedule the cancelled match. Only a representative of NCBPC can cancel a match due to bad weather.


  1. The NCBPC league is administered by Gary Clark and Josh Clark.
    • Gary can be contacted via WhatsAppâ„¢ on +34 634 351 671
    • Josh can be contacted via WhatsAppâ„¢ on +34 634 306 009
  2. Teams must provide NCBPC with the telephone numbers for both players.
  3. A list of contact telephone numbers for other players within the League Category will be issued to each team to enable contact between teams should any games require re-arranging.
  4. The WhatsAppâ„¢ league groups are to be used for the following purposes:
    • informing league participants of Team Captain names and contact telephone numbers,
    • informing of match results
  5. Re-scheduled matches must be declared in the appropriate WhatsAppâ„¢ league groups as soon as possible.
  6. The League Admin will update the WhatsAppâ„¢ league groups on a regular basis.
  7. Teams must send the match results to the WhatsAppâ„¢ League group no later than 4 hours after the end of the match.

How to Enter

  1. One member of each team must submit the league registration form, and pay the fee, on behalf of both players to Gary or Josh.
  2. A registration form is required for each category e.g. Men´s and Mixed.
  3. To complete the registration, you will need the full name of each player and mobile phone number for both players of the team and T-shirt sizes for both players.
  4. Entry fee for one league is 50€ per player / per category. The entry fee includes a club shirt or vest and court fees (including lights) for all League games.