ladder faqs

Is this a ladder or league?

When you enter your team, you will be graded by the North Costa Blanca Padel team and placed into a 5 team league format, this will be your first round of matches, after the first few playing rounds and teams start to shuffle up and down the leagues the ladder will start to take shape, and your position within each league will also be your ladder position. Quick Answer it’s a bit of both! If there are only three ladders how do the age group categories work? There are three ladders Men’s Ladies and Mixed, when you enter you will automatically be given your age group category i.e. If both players are over 50 they will be placed in the over 50s, if both players are over 60 they will be placed in the over 60s, if one of the players is under 50 your team will be placed in the Open. Your age group category will sit alongside your names on the ladder but to give everyone the chance to play different players you will all be playing with each other.