ladder registration (paper)

2021 Padel Ladder Registration

The North Costa Blanca Padel Ladder is a fun and friendly, but competitive, competition. Have fun, play hard and play nicely. In the spirit of our motto: Play with respect, Win with grace.

Please make sure you have read and understood the Padel Ladder Rules/Guidelines before submitting this application.

All communication is via WhatsApp™

We only require one mobile number. This number will be used to create a WhatsApp™ group for each league group. Whosever it is, please put it in the Captain’s mobile number field. You can provide both player’s mobile numbers but it will be the Captain’s mobile number that is used for the WhatsApp™ group.

Application and payment

The registration fee per ladder entry is 25€ per player. Some members may have complimentary entrance to the padel ladder. The actual fee to be paid will be calculated and confirmed by Lynne.

Please print off the ladder application form. Give the completed form, along with the ladder registration fee, to Lynne at the courts.

  Padel Ladder Application Form