player ratings

NCBPC player ratings                        

The club has a process for determining club member playing levels, the group they subsequently slot into for WhatsApp™ ‘Shout-out’ games and tournament and league categories.

We assign the rating based on our knowledge of how well each player is doing. It relates to a player’s technical and physical ability compared with other players in the club

Please note that this is our own club rating system It is different from the Spanish SunPad rating and we do not have a written description of what each score represents.  We know it´s not perfect but it works for our club.

2 problematic scenarios…

  • a player feels that the group that they are in is too weak and they are not getting good games
  • a player feels that a new arrival in their group is not good enough to be there

We all want to play good quality, strong games to push ourselves to improve our game. Please remember that in order to play ‘strong games’ against better players there has to be willing opponents who are happy to play against or with a weaker player – and, yes, that will mean you sometimes!!  

As a club, we want to provide members with some great, challenging games but we also want to provide an environment where players can work on their game and improve their playing standard.  In order to do this, they might need help and support from stronger players. Everyone of us will be the strongest player at times and we would hope that whilst on court you are mindful of this and considerate to other players who may not play as well as you but will learn a lot from playing alongside or against you. 

Every one of us will be the weakest player sometimes!  Please don’t forget this!

Virtual Rating Review Panel

AarĂłn, Gary, Josh and Lynne are the Virtual Rating Review Panel and they review the club rating score of those club members who have been selected for review.

Because the four of them do not always work at the club at the same time, we will discuss a member’s playing level via a WhatsApp™ group chat which will enable us to make decisions quicker than if we were to meet in person.

Members are reviewed by the panel from time to time

Panel members may also select players for review, either they have been observed to be playing a strong game for their current level, have won tournament or league games against players in a higher category, or perhaps they are not performing as well as their current level should. Players will be informed if they have been selected for review. 

Members may also request a review

Members who feel they are currently in the wrong tournament category and/or WhatsApp™ group may request a review. The club member may feel that they are too strong for their current group and wish to be moved up, or they may feel that they are not playing so well and wish to move down.  

If either of these scenarios apply, please send a WhatsApp™ message to either Aarón, Gary, Josh or Lynne to request a review.

The review process

  • A player will be invited to join 2 shouts (WhatsApp™ group games) for the proposed group that they wish to join / or remain in.  These will be 2 x 45-minute matches for both shouts. 
  • For those players aiming to move up, they will partner a player and compete against 2 players of a similar rating (or in the same WhatsApp™ group) that they are hoping to achieve.
  • Gary, Lynne or Josh will arrange the matches that will inform the decision of the review panel.
  • Two of the review panel will observe the matches whenever possible but please bear in mind that other club duties may require our attention during these matches.  The other players will be informed that this is a club rating review match to ensure that all players play the match competitively (i.e. rather than use the session as a training session to practice shots).
  • The panel members who observed the match, will inform the panel of the result and discuss how well the player performed during the match.
  • The player will be informed of the decision and placed in the appropriate WhatsApp™ group and their score changed accordingly on their club record, if applicable.  Once placed in the new group, we would ask that players play regularly in the group e.g. at least once a week, to ensure their playing standard continues to improve.
  • Players may request to be reviewed again after a period of 3 months.

The use of player rating scores for tournament and league entries

Tournament and league entries are based upon combined player rating scores i.e. a team score. For example, a team competing in Mens Cat 3 can have a combined score of up to 5.80.

Please see the Tournament Terms and Conditions page for the tournament combined rating bands.

Regarding the league, it is worth bearing in mind that some players may move categories during the months that the league runs so, when the league starts, they may be a Cat 3 but move up to a Cat 2 during the league season.

WhatsApp™ ‘Shout-out’ Groups

WhatsApp™ group nameMember rating score required for group
Mens 1b3.60 +
Mens Cat 23.00 – 3.80
Mens Cat 32.50 – 2.90
Ladies 2a2.90 +
Ladies 22.60 – 2.80
Ladies 32.10 – 2.50
Mixed 2aMinimum combined score of 6.10
Mixed 2b Maximum combined score of 6.00
Mixed 3Maximum combined score of 5.40
Cat 4
(mixed games only)
Ladies between 1.50 – 2.00
Men between 1.50 – 2.40