padel rules

Rules for tournaments hosted/run by North Costa Blanca Padel Club

Tournaments will be organised and conducted in accordance with the International Padel Federation rules and the additional conditions outlined below.


All group and quarter final matches are the best of 2 sets. If after 2 sets the score is 1 set all then a super tiebreaker to 10 points with 2 points clear will decide the match.

Semi finals and finals are the best of 3 sets with a standard tiebreaker in all sets if required.

All tournaments will be organised as above unless advertised differently.

Ball change

The supply of new balls is at the discretion of the organiser.

Team withdrawal

If a team cannot fulfil a fixture because of injury, illness or no-show they will be deemed to have withdrawn from the tournament.

If a team withdraws, for whatever reason, before they have played their first match, we will try to find a replacement team. It is our policy to have every category complete rather than have give teams a walkover. Please note that the standard/ability of a replacement team at short notice is out of our control.

Golden point

When a game is at deuce, the next point decides the result of the game. This is called Golden Point.

In a mixed match, if the server is the woman, she serves to the woman. If the server is the man, he serves to the man.

In same sex matches, the team receiving the serve can choose which player is to receive.

Teams are not allowed to play advantages as this prolongs the match and causes delays in the tournament schedule.

Tiebreak, super tiebreak and tiebreak scorer

If a set is drawn at 6-6 then the set will be decided by a tiebreak. A tiebreak is the first team to 7 with 2 clear points. When the teams are equally matched the result is likely to be a tiebreak score of 7-5, 8-6, 9-7, etc.

If the match is at 1-1 in sets (1 set all) then the ‘third’ set is a super tiebreak. A super tiebreak is the first team to 10 with 2 clear points. As this is classed as a new set, the third set, each team can choose who serves first.

If you are unsure about controlling a tiebreak or super tiebreak, a scorer will be provided on request.

Match time

Players are required to arrive 30 minutes before the published start time in case the previous match finishes early.

If a team arrives 10 minutes late for a match they will concede the match.

Injury and medical treatment

In the case of injury or a treatable medical condition the player will be granted one 5-minute break for treatment. Treatment may be repeated in the following two changes of side but within the change-of-end regulation time.

Medical attention will only be given to each player once and may not be ceded to his or her companion.

In the case of an accident as an indirect result of the game, but which affects one of the players, the tournament umpire may use their discretion to grant a period of time for treatment, not in excess of 15 minutes.

Loose balls

To avoid accidents it is important that all loose balls are either positioned at the base of the net or are stored on a player’s person; held in the hand, in the pocket of a pair of shorts or trapped under a skort.

Loose balls on the court, whether it be at the side of the court or in a rear corner of the court, are not allowed.


A team is awarded:

  • 1 point for turning up/playing a match
  • 1 point for each set they win (0 points for winning a super tiebreaker)
  • 2 points for winning a match

Tournament overrun

If a tournament cannot be concluded within the advertised tournament schedule, commonly caused by matches being delayed during the tournament by inclement weather, then all outstanding tournament matches will be played as soon as possible during the following week.